High-Capacity Magazines: Do You Need Them?

Despite current mainstream rhetoric, there are plenty of reasons to have high-capacity magazines and plenty of options to choose from.

Ruger MK IV 22/45 Value: Double the Fun

Good things are better in pairs. That's why we're loving this two pack of factory OEM mags for the Ruger MK IV chambered in .22LR.

Ruger LCP Max 12 Round Mag: More Bullets vs. Bigger Bullets

The Ruger LCP Max with the 12-round magazine allows me to have a small gun with plenty of ammo. With a 2nd mag in my front pocket, I can carry 24 rounds of ammo with ease.

ETS 12 Round Color Coded Mags: There is a Purpose

Magazines that come in different colors are gaining in popularity, but not just for aesthetic reasons. Here's why you might want to think twice about color-coded mags.

Sig P320/M17 9mm 21-Round Mag: Up Your Ammo

The more ammo carried the better, and the Sig M17 extended mag adds four rounds to your carry. It is a great addition to your inventory.

Smith & Wesson CSX 12-Round Magazines: Compact Brilliance

Somehow, S&W managed to pack 12 rounds into the CSX magazine. We're not sure how, but it's a marvel of engineering. Let's take a closer look.

KCI Mags for the B&T APC9/GHM9: Better Than Factory Mags?

Jeremy Stone tests the new 30-round KCI mag for the B&T APC9/GHM9 carbine. How does it compare to the factory mag? You may be surprised!

Clearly Different: ETS Gen 2 AR-15 30-Round Magazine with Coupler

These ETS Gen 2 AR-15 30-round magazines are built to last. Here's how they're holding up after nearly 800 rounds through different firearms.

ATI Schmeisser 60 Round Casket Mag: How Does It Compare to the Drum?

High-capacity mags are great, we all know, but size, shape, and weight can be an issue. How does the casket mag compare to a drum mag?

ProMag 18-Round Mag for Glock 44: It Fills a Void Left by the OEM

Magazine veteran ProMag steps up with a Glock 44 magazine that means business: an 18-rounder that looks and acts like the Glock OEM mags but with the extra rounds we craved from the start.

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