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Navy Arms FRF2 Sniper Rifle Replicas Available (for a little while)

Navy Arms, a replica manufacturer and importer of historical firearms, has limited numbers of FRF2 sniper rifle replicas available.

BLASTPHEMY! It’s a muzzle device from Huxwrx Safety Co

This is the Blastphemy muzzle device from Huxwrx (@huxwrx). It's a multi-caliber blast deflector that is compatible with almost all Huxwrx HX-QD muzzle brakes and flash hiders (it works on all their stuff up to .338). 

ZeroTech Optics announces 6-24×50 Thrive

ZeroTech Optics brings us the new Thrive HD 6-24x50 scope, redefining (they say) long-range hunting precision and all-around usability.

Introducing The GBRS Hydra Aimpoint Mount

HYDRA is the first dual optic Aimpoint mount designed for end-users that offers a 2.91" Optic Centerline for faster target ID.

AllTerra Arms V4-T Muzzle Brake: Tunable Harmonics

AllTerra Arms has announced the availability a tunable version of their V4 Muzzle Brake: the AllTerra V4-T Muzzle Brake. Cuz T's for tunable. 

Night Fision Tritium Sights | Designed To Be Run With Pistol Optics

Night Fision Sights are engineered with the new blade heights and a more comprehensive array of optics and handgun combinations.

Hard Head Veterans Micro Lattice Pads: Shock Absorbers For Your Lid

Hard Head Veterans is proud to showcase their new Micro Lattice Pads; designed to have superior energy absorption and reduce injury.

STRANDHOGG: Limited Edition Summer Vibes Shirt from First Spear

Cue the music and the Reagan-era vibes. It's time to celebrate the Strandhogg plate carrier, First Spear summertime shirt style.

0241 Tactical Offering Package Plate Carrier Arrangements

Montana-based 0241 Tactical, known for producing gear in a wide variety of camo patterns, is offering an M81 - Coyote Brown PC combo rig.

SIG Romeo2: The 3MOA Reflex Red Dot Is Now Ready (No Really)

The SIG Romeo2 reflex sight is a 30mm red dot with true 1x magnification, 3 MOA reticle, and 12 brightness settings. We've been waiting on it for a couple years now - but it's finally here.

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