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All Skill No Luck Now Offering Combat Wool Options

All Skill No Luck announced a new version of their two flagship "combat flannel" styles: the Ntchwaidumela and Nemean.

Kitfox Design Group: Lotsa Little PVC Blasters Available

Kitfox Design Group has set a new internal record for available morale patch designs: they're at nine, and they're looking to sell some.

Maxim Defense PDX Now Available in Urban Grey

St. Cloud, MN-based Maxim Defense is proud to announce the availability of the Maxim Defense PDX in Urban Grey.

Stribog Curved Magazines from Grand Power (via Global Ordnance)

Stribog curved magazines have been on many Grand Power owners' wish list for quite a while, for several reasons. That wait is over.

ADI World Class: A New Exclusive Ammunition from Global Ordnance

ADI Ammunition comes to us from Australian Munitions via Global Ordnance ("home of the Stribog"), a veteran-owned company from Sarasota, FL.

The Family Business: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel

The Family Business novel is a dystopian (perhaps post-apocalyptic?) book by Mike Kupari featuring lots of gunning, desolate wastes, alien apex predators, and more.

Vertx Firebase Parabellum Bandolier: for Multi-Mission Loadout Options

The Vertx Firebase Parabellum bandolier is a multi-use load bearing option designed to easily adapt to various mission profile loadout requirements.

The Sinter 3D Printed Titanium Suppressor | Radical Firearms

The Radical Firearms "Sinter" is a 3D printed monolithic Titanium suppressor: it's 8 inches long, 16 ounces, and rated up to 300 WM.

ShotStop Lightweight Level IV Plates

These Lightweight Level 4 Plates are "ultra-light" Level IV HA Armor Piercing Advanced Body Armor Plates from ShotStop Ballistics. 

MCK TAC: CAA Micro Conversion Kit, but even smaller

The CAA MCK TAC (Micro Conversion Kit TAC) is a smaller version of the original CAA MCK with no stock. It uses sling tension for stability.

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