Kitfox Design Group: Lotsa Little PVC Blasters Available

Kitfox Design has hit a new milestone — they have nine different rifle-based morale patches in stock. If you’re not familiar with Kitfox Design morale patches, well, you’re missing out. They are, as my cousin Brian Montgomery VanHoose would say, very kewl. ‘Specially if you like FALs, CQBRs, and…well, you know, guns. 

Kitfox Designs morale patches

There are a few reasons this is good news, and among them is word that they’re about to move into their new studio. They’re running a sale to get some of their inventory liquidated in preparation for that transition. 

SCAR Longboii morale patch from Kitfox Designs
The mid-SCAR morale patch is one of three designs KDG (Kitfox Design Group) has collaborated on with KDG (Kinetic Development Group).

KDG advises, 

“While we prepare to move into our studio space after numerous months waiting for construction to be completed, we are hoping to get a good chunk of these liquidated so we have fewer things to move.

Now through the end of the month, get a free full-color sticker of your choice with every PVC patch purchase! You must add both the patch and the sticker to your cart to receive this promotion.”

Kitfox Design has a large number of morale patch designs available.

A High Volume of Velcro-backed Rifles

As you can see, there are a lot of patches available. 

East German MPi-KM patch
Here’s something you don’t see every day, even on the Velcro panels of the most dedicated morale patch nerds: an East German MPi-KM.
Shorty SCAR patch
“Shorty SCAR” limited edition PVC patch. These measure 6.23 in. x 2.32 in.

Other Rifle-Based Kitfox Patches

Some of the designs available on the Kitfox Design Group website right now as of this writing include: 

1. M4A1 SOPMOD PVC Patch (v2): 350 made

M4A1 SOPMOD PVC patch.

2. Mk12 ModHv2 PVC Patch: 350 made

Mk12 ModH PVC patch
Mk12 ModH PVC patch.

3. Mk18 CQBR Patch (v4): 350 made

Mk18 CQBR PVC Patch
Mk18 CQBR PVC Patch

4. Mk18 Mod0 PVC Patch (v2): 350 made

Mk18 Mod 0 patch.
Mk18 Mod 0 patch.

5. Shorty SCAR PVC Patch (shown above): 250 made.

6. Mid-SCAR PVC Patch (shown above): 250 made


7. Longboii SCAR PVC Patch: 250 made

"Longboi" SCAR morale patch
“Longboi” SCAR morale patch.

8. East German MPi-KM PVC Patch (shown above): 350 made

9. Israeli FAL PVC Patch: 350 made

Kitfox Design morale patches: Israeli FAL morale patch
Kitfox Design morale patches: Israeli FAL morale patch

Don’t forget to select the stickers you want before you check out. There is no limit to the one decal per patch special currently running. 

Mk18 PVC patch
Keep track of new patches and designs by following Kitfox Design Group on Instagram or Facebook.
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