3 Solid XD Compact .45 ACP Magazine Options

Back in 2006, the XD Series of pistols expanded to include chambering in .45 ACP, or as some call it—the Lord’s caliber. Originally available in a 4-inch barreled Service Model and a 5-inch Tactical Model, Springfield Armory soon upped their game, appealing to customers that wanted a more concealable package with the same chambering. The result was the XD-45 Compact: a reliable, intuitive, and easy-to-shoot firearm with a devoted following among civilians and law enforcement. Benefits go beyond the concealability of the pistol, though. It’s also got a respectable capacity, as XD Compact magazines are made in 10 and 13-round capacities. 

If you own and/or carry one of these XD-45 Compact pistols, you might need more magazines. We have three solid factory options for you, whether you need to replace your originals or add to your backups. All three of these options are made to Springfield Armory specifications.

1. Factory 10-Round XD-45 Compact Magazine

This .45 ACP Springfield Armory XD Compact 10-Round magazine is the replacement factory magazine, the same as the one that came with your gun. That’s ten rounds of double-stacked .45 ACP into a shiny, compact stainless steel mag with an impact-resistant baseplate.

Springfield Armory XD Compact magazine 10-round .45 ACP GunMag Warehouse

The floorplate on this magazine fits flush in the compact model and the witness ports on the back make it easy to do round checks. The follower action is smooth and this option is everything you’d expect from a Springfield Armory magazine.  

See it for yourself:

These magazines come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Springfield Armory.

2. Factory 13-Round with X-Tension Sleeve

If you want a few more rounds in your mag, the 45 ACP XD compact 13-round magazines fit the bill. It comes with an optional polymer magazine X-Tension sleeve that offers multiple benefits. Ergonomically speaking, the sleeve assists the user by adding to the grip area for positive handling and faster reloads. But get this, the X-Tensions sleeve also helps preserve the service life of your pistol because it’s designed to prevent over-insertion.

There are three color options with this one: Black, Olive Drab, and FDE. 

Factory Springfield Armory XD-45 Compact magazine 13-round with X-Tension Sleeve

High quality, stainless steel construction, with nice followers and witness ports on the back for quick round checks, these magazines are made to Springfield Armory specs.

Watch the video below for a closer look and pick up a few extended magazines for your compact XD-45 pistol today!

3. Factory 10-Round Extended Magazine with Grip X-Tension Sleeves

These magazines are crafted from tough stainless steel and steel internal springs. They’ve got the Grip X-Tension sleeves mentioned above for enhanced fit and function. Engineered to the same exacting standards are your original equipment magazines, they are a must-have upgrade for your XD Compact pistol.

The 10-round magazine with X-Tension Sleeve is a good solid magazine. And it’s versatile, too. If you decide you don’t want that full extension in there, you can disassemble it to change out the baseplate. 

They’re available in three different colors: Black, olive drab, and Flat Dark Earth. 

XD-45 Compact .45 ACP 10-Round Extended Magazine with Grip X-Tension Sleeves

Get a closer look at these mags by watching the video below:

Springfield’s XD pistols have revolutionized the way we think about handguns, offering unrivaled modularity, flexibility, and safety to a platform whose performance is tough to match. With superior ergonomics, multiple integrated safeties, and Springfield’s signature craftsmanship, the XD has established a new gold standard for pistols. 

Keep your hungry XD-45 fed with any of these factory XD Compact magazines.

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