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Walther PD380 Magazines

About the Walther PD380
Released in late 2023, the Walther PD380 is a single-action/double-action handgun designed for CCW and home defense applications. The PD380 features an ergonomic polymer frame (similar in appearance and ergonomics to the famous Walther P22) with a European-style magazine release and a proprietary Performance Duty grip texture pattern designed to enhance your shooting proficiency and provide a secure, non-slip grip. The durable steel slide features SuperTerrain protruding slide serrations, allowing for quicker and more responsive hands-on engagement with the pistol.

The PD380 also features an ambidextrous, slide-mounted safety for confident engagement or disengagement of the safety mechanism using either hand. The safety doubles as a decocker, which allows shooters to safely carry the pistol with the hammer down and a round in the chamber. The 8+1 capacity offers ample firepower in self-defense scenarios while maintaining the lightweight profile.

What Does "Single-Action/Double-Action" Mean and Why Does It Matter?
Single-action/Double-action pistols allow shooters to fire the pistol by either pulling the hammer back with their thumb or racking the slide before pulling the trigger (single-action) or by simply pulling the trigger and forcing the hammer to pull itself back before striking the firing pin (double-action).

In simple terms, Single-action means pulling the trigger does one action: releasing the hammer on the firing pin; and the double-action system does two actions: pulls the hammer back and releases the hammer on the firing pin. The single-action stage requires the hammer to be cocked (manually or mechanically) before firing, and offers a light, crisp pull, ensuring accurate shot placement and improved handling. A double-action pull, on the other hand, is much heavier and requires an intentional pull. With single-action/double-action pistols, the first trigger pull will be a double-action pull and much heavier. As the slide travels rearward, it will automatically cock the hammer, allowing you to fire with a light and crisp single-action pull with every shot thereafter, making the single-action/double-action system one of the most reliable and safest hammer-fired pistol designs in the world.