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About the Taurus PT 92

The Taurus® PT 92 pistol is an ultrareliable clone of the ever-famous Beretta® 92, specifically designed to deliver the same reliable performance as the Beretta 92 pistol at a lower, more affordable price. Featuring a SA/DA design, this pistol features 3-dot fixed sights for quick and intuitive target acquisition in high-stress target and defensive environments making it ideal for competition and self-defense. Since its inception, the PT 92 has undergone many revisions such as moving the magazine release button to the base of the trigger guard and making a third safety position de-cocker standard. Plus, Taurus began adding a thicker trigger guard hook and built-in accessory rail on the frame in newer models to give users extra stability and options to include their favorite weapon-mounted accessories.

Weapon-Mounted Accessory Rail

While it might seem like a no-brainer to throw on a weapon light or laser sight to your AR-15, what about your favorite home defense or range pistol? Weapon lights and lasers can be just as beneficial on a pistol. Think about your home defense pistol. Weapon-mounted lights for pistols feature buttons or levers that you can interact with using your standard firing grip for easy, intuitive activation without changing much. With constant on and momentary modes, you can quickly light up an area with what is a dedicated flashlight attached to your pistol. This allows you to quickly and easily light up your environment for quick target acquisition. The same goes for laser sights. Laser sights are perfect to have on your everyday carry pistol or as a training tool at the range. Accessory rails on pistols give shooters a whole new way to use and practice with their firearms.

Why choose the Taurus PT 92?

The Taurus PT 92 is an ultrareliable and affordable clone of the Beretta 92 and gives you the same reliable performance. This makes it perfect for range-goers and people looking for a home defense weapon. Stock up on spare Taurus PT 92 magazines from GunMag Warehouse and enjoy superior firepower in any scenario. Shop our complete selection of Taurus pistol magazines today!