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Taurus PT 22 Magazines

About the Taurus PT22
Often viewed as a copy of the Beretta® Bobcat pistol, the Taurus® PT22 is a single-stack rimfire pistol, featuring a unique “tip-up” barrel, cast aluminum or polymer frame, and a durable steel slide. The double-action only (DAO) trigger and spur-less hammer ensure smooth, consistent operation, while the unique tip-up barrel design allows you to load the first round by hand without pulling the heavy slide rearward for enhanced reliability. The slide is incredibly difficult to operate due to the heavy spring for the direct blowback operation design, and the “fat” grip offers a comfortable fit with large hands but is often difficult to use with smaller hands, making it a great pocket-carry gun or target shooter for large-framed shooters. Plus, the Taurus PT22 comes equipped with integrated low-profile front and rear sights for intuitive target acquisition and a clear sight picture — without worrying about snags or printing when carried in a pocket or IWB pistol holster.

What is a “DAO” Trigger System?
“DAO” stands for Double-Action Only. A DAO trigger offers a heavy, intentional pull with each trigger pull, operating the trigger and hammer simultaneously. DAO triggers are great for pocket-carry and personal defense guns, as they protect against accidental discharges due to a light trigger pull or cocked hammer. However, some small-framed shooters find DAO triggers harder to operate and less accurate due to the rather heavy pull.

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