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Springfield Hellcat Pro Magazines

About the Springfield Hellcat Pro

A larger version of the famed Springfield Armory® Hellcat® micro-compact pistol, the Hellcat Pro is an a performance-ready striker-fired pistol designed specifically for large-frame shooters in need of a larger grip profile and a higher carry capacity. Like its smaller predecessor, the Hellcat Pro features a built-in trigger safety. The durable, nitride-coated stainless steel slide features enhanced slide serrations for speedy, intuitive manipulation, while the traditional 3-dot sight system offers quick, intuitive target acquisition in any personal defense application. The Hellcat Pro comes standard with a 15-round capacity, but is compatible with a variety of factory and aftermarket 15-round, 17-round, and 50-round magazines, making it one of the most versatile and powerful pistols currently on the market.

Can I use standard Hellcat magazines with my Hellcat Pro?

No. The Hellcat Pro is only compatible with flush-fit Hellcat Pro 15-round magazines and extended 17-round mags. However, you can use Hellcat Pro magazines with the original Hellcat with some modifications. 

Shop our full collection of Hellcat Pro magazines and accessories today and enjoy superior firepower and dependable operation in harsh tactical, competitive, and target shooting applications without breaking the bank.