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About the Smith & Wesson Shield EZ
Specifically engineered for first-time gun owners, women, and youth and small-framed shooters, the Smith & Wesson® M&P® Shield™ EZ™ Semi-Auto Pistol is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and highly concealable centerfire pistol. Introduced in 2018, the Shield EZ boasts a lightened slide with a unique recoil spring, engineered to reduce felt recoil and improve overall comfort and control. The lightweight internal hammer and rear slide serrations allow shooters to pull the slide back with minimal strength for loading, chambering, and clearing the pistol with small or weak hands. The Shield EZ features a standard grip safety with some models featuring an additional thumb safety and tactile loaded chamber indicator for safe, convenient carry with a round in the chamber. The lightweight single-action trigger system offers a short pull with a crisp break and quick reset, while the single-stack, 8-round magazine utilizes an integrated speed loading button for speedy reloads and reduced fatigue. The 18° grip angle and the textured grip offer superior comfort and control with small, wet, or gloved hands and the simple 3-dot sights offer quick, intuitive target acquisition.

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