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About the Ruger Mark III

Enjoyed by new and experienced range goers alike, the Ruger® Mark III is a favorite among gun owners. This rugged, yet simple and affordable pistol, continues the legacy of the Ruger Mark I and Mark II and is chambered in .22LR, making it ideal for dropping targets at the range. Further, an internal cylindrical bolt construction design provides high accuracy potential than conventional moving slide designs by providing permanent alignment. A strong stainless steel frame and 5.5” barrel provide superior strength and durability, perfect for tough use and abuse at the range, while fixed front and adjustable rear sights provide quick, intuitive target acquisition for superior accuracy. A smooth, contoured grip ensures a natural pointing grip angle with checkered non-slip grip panels for unmatched ergonomics and positive handling. Further, the receiver is drilled and tapped for Weaver®-style scope base adaptors so you can easily mount your favorite optics. To top it all off, a loaded chamber indicator, manual safety, and magazine disconnect provide layers of safety so you can enjoy added peace of mind when handling this pistol.

Ruger Standard Model Series

The Ruger Standard Model Series may look similar to another popular firearm and that’s because it does. In 1949, William B Ruger developed a prototype for a new .22LR handgun that featured the same traditional aesthetic as the classic German Luger P08 pistol. While the final draft may have looked like a Luger, the initial concept came from a Japanese Nambu pistol as Ruger was able to duplicate it in his garage successfully. Copying the Nambu’s silhouette and bolt system, Ruger was able to develop what would become the Ruger Standard Model. This series would evolve over time with new mechanical upgrades leading to the Mk II, Mk III, and Mk IV in 1982, 2004, and 2016. Over time, it has become one of the most prolific and popular .22LR pistols on the market, finding its way into a number of different collections.

Why choose the Ruger Mark III?

With an ergonomic checkered grip, adjustable rear sight, and durables stainless steel construction, the Ruger Mark III makes the perfect choice for ringing steel at the range. Whether you’re a casual target shooter or looking for spare mags for extra practice, GunMag Warehouse has everything you need with a large selection of affordable factory and aftermarket Ruger magazines. Don’t hesitate and order a couple of backup mags today!