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About the Remington Model 597
The Remington® Model 597 is an American-made, box magazine-fed, direct blowback semi-auto rimfire rifle, favored by small game hunters and target shooters nationwide until its discontinuation in 2019. Offered in .22LR, .22WMR, and .17HMR, the Model 597 is a direct competitor of the Mossberg® 702 Plinkster®, Ruger® 10/22®, and Marlin® 795, and features a tried-and-true bolt-guidance system design for smooth handling and was one of the few rimfire rifles of its kind to offer a bolt hold-open feature. Further, the Model 597 boasts a nickel-plated sear and hammer for a crisp, smooth trigger pull, and comes equipped with a gray, all-weather synthetic stock and matte black barrel and receiver for lasting reliability in most environments.

Aftermarket Support
There are a variety of aftermarket stocks, magazines, and accessories for the Remington Model 597 on the market today, including extended and drum magazines available from ProMag®. 

Recalled and Discontinued
The Remington Model 597 had a safety recall issued for rifles chambered in .17 HMR in 2014 due to out-of-battery detonations, among other issues. By 2019, the Model 597 was discontinued entirely, though there are “old stock” models chambered in .22LR and .22WMR still available from time to time.