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About the Magnum Research Desert Eagle
The Magnum Research Desert Eagle is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol chambered in .50 AE or .44 Magnum. Constructed of heavy-weight, CNC-machined steel for superior durability and consistent field service under heavy recoil, the Desert Eagle is fired by a single-action, hammer-fired system, engineered to deliver rapid follow-up shots and a light, crisp trigger pull with a quick, tactile reset for superior control. The ambidextrous safety switch rotates a drum mechanism above the firing pin, causing the firing pin to lock in place, preventing any accidental discharges, while the reversible magazine release offers convenient, comfortable control with both right- and left-handed shooters.

The Desert Eagle uses a gas-operated ejection/chambering mechanism engineered to withstand magnum-force cartridges. This gas system expels gases through a small hole in the barrel in front of the chamber, while the slide features a small piston on the front that fits into this cylinder and acts as the bolt carrier, has a small piston on the front that fits into this cylinder, allowing the piston to drive the slide rearward and rotate and unlock the bolt. A mechanism on the left side of the bolt prevents the bolt from rotating freely as the slide moves, forcing it to remain aligned correctly with the barrel while the breech is open for smooth, jam-free operation. The spring-loaded ejector is continually being depressed by the case, until the case is free of the chamber and the tension from the ejector is released, causing the case to eject, breaking free of the extractor in the process. Finally, the bottom lug of the bolt pushes a new round into the chamber, then locks the bolt in place and the gun can be fired again.

Due to its extreme weight and punishing recoil, the Desert Eagle is primarily used by military personnel, competitive shooters, and collectors. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a wide selection of quality Desert Eagle magazines from renowned manufacturers, including Magnum Research and ProMag® Industries. Shop our full collection today!