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About the HK SP5
Built on genuine HK® parts with a reliable roller-delayed blowback design, the HK SP5® is the truest, most reliable civilian semi-auto clone of the world-renowned HK MP5. Favored by civilian target shooters, collectors, and tacticians worldwide, the MP5 is easily one of the most popular and reliable submachine guns in the world, thanks to German engineering, precise machining, and quality parts and components. Though it features a civilian-legal semi-auto-only sear and fire selector, the SP5 is no exception.

What is a Roller-Delayed Blowback System?
The delayed blowback system is a direct descendant of the iconic direct blowback system, requiring fewer moving parts and typically cheaper to produce than its predecessor. The action of the gun is held closed by heavy spring pressure and the mass of the bolt, allowing the gases to cycle the action, eject the spent casing, and chamber a new cartridge in a fraction of a second.

Roller-delayed blowback operation uses rollers on the sides of the bolt to deliver smooth operation under extreme pressures. As the bolt head is driven back into the spring, the rollers are forced out into precision-machined slots in the receiver to temporarily prevent further rearward motion of the bolt head, while the bolt carrier is allowed to proceed rearwards. The rollers then drive the entire bolt and bolt carrier back against the spring, allowing the bolt head to complete its cycle, which leads to a substantial delay before the spent shell is extracted and the new cartridge is loaded. This delay allows gas pressure to dissipate and shrink to safe levels prior to ejection, eliminating jams and protecting against excessive wear and potential damages to the receiver. To further enhance the reliability, many roller-delayed firearms incorporate a fluted chamber to assist with case extraction under higher-than-normal pressures.

Why Choose the SP5 Over Less Expensive MP5 Clones?
It’s simple, really: quality and reliability.

Imagine purchasing an off-brand, aftermarket gas cap or tailgate for your pickup truck. Function and reliability are forfeited as pieces fit loosely or fail altogether due to poor machining and other manufacturing defects that likely wouldn’t have been present with factory OEM parts and accessories. The same goes for the MP5. While there are several “economy-priced” MP5 clones, such as the Century Arms® AP5, Zenith® ZF-5, and PTR® 9CT, the HK SP5 is a genuine HK factory clone, designed and manufactured by HK engineers using genuine HK parts on genuine HK machines. Did we mention the SP5 is a genuine HK product? If you’re looking for identical reliability and quality to the original MP5, why trust anything other than HK factory parts, machining, and engineering?

Can I Use Aftermarket Magazines and Accessories with my HK SP5?
Sure can! The SP5 utilizes the same tri-lug adaptor and modular tail cap as the MP5, allowing civilians to attach a variety of MP5-compatible suppressors and pistol braces to the SP5 with ease. Plus, much like the MP5, there is an ever-growing offering of aftermarket mags and tactical accessories for the SP5, allowing you to use any MP5-compatible magazine or tactical accessory with the SP5 without issue.

At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a huge selection of MP5/SP5 magazines, tactical lights, and accessories at competitive prices, designed to fit any budget. Shop our full collection of SP5-compatible gear today and save big on your next trip to the range!