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About the Glock 43

Specifically designed for concealed carry applications, the Glock® 43 is a micro-compact, single-stack, striker-fired handgun, favored for its small, sleek frame, easily concealable footprint, and impressive 6+1 single-stack capacity. Manufactured using the same materials, specs, and quality control as all other Glock semi-automatic pistols, the G43 boasts the reliable Safe-Action trigger system for safe carry and a reliable and consistent pull when it matters most. The standard white-dot front sight and the white U-shaped rear sight offer intuitive sight acquisition in fast-action self-defense applications. Better yet, Glock 43 magazines are plentiful, easy to find, and incredibly affordable, available from a variety of renowned manufacturers, including ETS®, Magpul®, KCI®, and more.

Can I Use an Extended Magazine with the Glock 43?

You sure can! Thanks to the innovative engineers at ETS®, ProMag®, and a handful of other manufacturers, there you can use a variety of extended stick and drum magazines with the G43.

What Magazines Can the Glock 43 Use?

The G43 is issued with a Glock-pattern 9mm 6-round single-stack Glock 43 magazine, though there are a variety of aftermarket extended and standard capacity magazines currently on the market from KCI, ProMag, ETS, and Glock. 

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