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Glock 19X Magazines

About the Glock 19X

Known to deliver superior reliability and lasting performance, the Glock® 19X is one of the best-selling tactical handguns currently on the market. This semi-automatic pistol takes inspiration from two of Glock’s most popular and field-tested platforms by combining a full-size Glock 17 frame with the compact Glock 19 slide to create the ideal pistol for all conditions and situations making it perfect for law-enforcement and the civilian shooter. Further, the 19X comes with the first-ever factory-colored slide that’s finished with an improved nPVD slide coating for superior durability and corrosion-resistance along with the Glock Marksman Barrel that gives you match-grade accuracy so you can easily drop targets at the range. Further, this pistol does not feature finger grooves but does boast ambidextrous slide-stop levers for easy and intuitive use by both left- and right-handed shooters. To top it all off, the 19X comes with a standard 17-round magazine as well as two 17+2 magazines.

What is the Glock Marksman Barrel?

The Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) is designed with enhanced barrel rifling based on the proven polygonal barrel design to help deliver unmatched accuracy with your Glock pistol. The polygonal barrel design or polygonal rifling uses less pronounced hills and valleys, as opposed to traditional gun barrel rifling with sharp-edged lands and grooves, which provides a larger number of edges with shallower corners to help provide a better gas seal for improved accuracy. This allows for less bullet deformation and creates less frictional resistance for increased muzzle velocity and does not compromise the barrel’s thickness in the area of each groove like with traditional rifling. Further, this type of rifling helps reduce copper or lead buildup which makes for easier gun maintenance and cleaning.

Why choose the Glock 19X?

With a Glock Marksman Barrel, ambidextrous slide stop, and plenty of magazine capacity, the Glock 19X is the ideal choice for dropping targets at the range or for reliable home defense. Glock 19X magazines offer superior durability and lasting corrosion resistance in harsh, tactical environments and are plentiful, easy to find, as well as incredibly affordable. Shop our full collection of G19X mags today and carry in confidence—no matter where you are!