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Designed to accommodate a variety of shooting sports and defensive applications, the GForce Arms GF Series is an affordable collection of multi-role semi-auto shotguns, modeled after the M4/AR-15 rifle. Shipped from the factory with a 1919-style 5-round magazine, GF-Series shotguns are compatible with a variety of high-capacity factory and aftermarket 12-gauge magazines and boast a 3” chamber, designed to accept any light birdshot or Magnum load for maximum versatility and hard-hitting field performance. The 18.5” smooth bore barrel comes equipped with a traditional screw-on choke system for enhanced accuracy and reliable operation in any tactical or home defense shooting application. To top it off, the durable, yet lightweight polymer furniture offers improved comfort and control in any environment.

Shop our full collection of GForce-compatible 1919-style shotgun magazines and accessories today and enjoy superior firepower and dependable operation in harsh tactical, competitive, and target shooting applications without breaking the bank.