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About the FN FAL
Manufactured and pressed into service in 1953, the FN® FAL rifle is a combat-proven, gas-operated, select-fire rifle, often celebrated as one of the most successful combat rifles ever produced. Having served in every major conflict since the Korean war, the FAL utilizes a hammer-fired trigger mechanism with a single sear for both semi-auto or full-auto fire, and the barrel comes equipped with a long flash hider which also doubles as a rifle grenade launcher. Further, the FAL features a short piston stroke gas system with the gas piston located above the barrel and having its own return spring for reduced muzzle climb and improved accuracy. After each shot is fired, the gas piston quickly forces the bolt carrier rearward to initiate the reloading cycle and reduce the risk of failures. The gas system is fitted with an adjustable gas regulator, allowing shooters to adapt to various environmental factors, or completely cut off the gas from the bolt to launch rifle grenades from the barrel.

Are All FAL Rifles the Same?
Nope. Due to the proven successes on the battlefield, the FAL was adopted and pressed into service by more than 50 countries worldwide. However, not all countries opted for the same chambering or accessories, resulting in a multitude of FAL variants including the Canadian C1 and C2 models, the Austrian STG 58, the British L1A1 SLR, the FAL Para, and the 50.00, 50.63, 50.64, and 50.41 variants. Each variation features differing chamberings, receiver designs, furniture, stock styles, and so on.

Metric vs. Imperial FALs: What’s the Difference?
There are two major patterns of FALs to have been produced: metric and imperial, each having been produced in countries with either the metric or imperial measurement systems. Metric models differ slightly from imperial models in dimensions and in magazine design. Most imperial pattern FALs were made in British Commonwealth countries (UK, Canada, Australia) and feature folding charging handles, and are often built around semi-auto-only fire controls, while most metric FALs come equipped with rigid charging handles with select-fire capabilities.

Can I Use Any FAL Magazine With My Rifle?
Yes and no. Assuming you have an American-made imperial FAL variant, you should be able to use any FAL magazine offered in the United States. However, because imperial magazines and metric magazines cannot be used interchangeably, it’s still a good idea to check to see which FAL model you own to ensure you can use your magazines with your specific rifle. 

Is the FAL Still in Production?
Surprisingly, yes. While most militaries have moved on to other firearm platforms, the FN FAL is still in production in the US and Brazil. Brazil still uses the LAR (the Brazilian version of the FAL) to arm their military, while the US produces a semi-auto version of the FN FAL for the civilian market only.