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About the CZ P09

The CZ P09® semi-auto pistol is a versatile double-action/single-action pistol, specifically designed for self-defense and duty applications. operates with a DA/SA hammer-fired action. Favored by a variety of European law enforcement agencies, as well as American civilian shooters and CCW holders, this semi-auto pistol features a performance-enhanced polymer frame and heavy steel slide, engineered to ensure lasting service and unparalleled reliability, while the lightweight polymer trigger delivers a short, crisp break, followed by a short, positive reset. The ambidextrous safety and de-cocker system offers superior safety and comfortable, reliable carry, and the reliable 3-dot iron sights deliver intuitive target acquisition for enhanced reliability and consistent field service you can depend on. The P09 also includes multiple interchangeable back straps for a custom fit and improved control, and the aggressive, full-length slide serrations offer quick slide manipulations and superior control in wet, dirty, and corrosive environments. 

What is a De-cocker and What Does it Do?

A de-cocker is actually fairly self-explanatory: it's a mechanical safety system. When activated, a de-cocker system safely drops, or "de-cocks" the hammer, while a pin block impedes the hammer from striking the firing pin and hitting a primer. De-cockers are great for law enforcement and combat personnel looking to safely carry with a round in the chamber. Further, de-cockers are most commonly found on DA/SA pistols, such as the P-09, Beretta® 92, and other combat-proven handguns.