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CZ75B Magazines

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About the CZ CZ75B
Revered by law enforcement agencies and civilian shooters across North America, the CZ® CZ75B is a double-action/single-action (DA/SA), hammer-fired semi-automatic pistol, chambered in the reliable, affordable, and easy-to-find 9mm (9x19mm) cartridge. Built on an all-steel frame for superior durability in a lightweight package, the CZ75B boasts a 4.7” hammer-forged steel barrel and boasts a standard three-dot sighting system for intuitive target acquisition and optimal clarity in any target or personal defense environment. Further, the CZ75B comes equipped with an internal firing pin safety, a manual safety, and a squared trigger guard for confident carry with a round in the chamber, promising speedy deployment and superior safety in virtually any environment.

What Does “SA/DA” Mean and Why Does It Matter?
“SA/DA” is the industry-standard abbreviation for single-action/double-action.

Single-action/Double-action pistols allow shooters to fire the pistol by either pulling the hammer back with their thumb or racking the slide before pulling the trigger (single-action), or by simply pulling the trigger and forcing the hammer to pull itself back prior to striking the firing pin (double-action). 

Single-action means pulling the trigger does one action: releasing the hammer on the firing pin; and the double-action system does two actions:  pulls the hammer back and releases the hammer on the firing pin. The single-action stage requires the hammer to be cocked (manually or mechanically) before firing, and offers a light, crisp pull, ensuring accurate shot placement and improved handling. A double-action pull, on the other hand, is much heavier and requires an intentional pull. With single-action/double-action pistols, the first trigger pull will be a double-action pull and much heavier. As the slide travels rearward, it will automatically cock the hammer, allowing you to fire with a light and crisp single-action pull with every shot thereafter, making the single-action/double-action system one of the most reliable and safest hammer-fired pistol designs in the world.