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About the Black Aces Tactical Bullpup Shotgun
The Black Aces® Tactical Bullpup Shotgun is a magazine-fed tactical shotgun, engineered to deliver unwavering reliability and smooth operation in any tactical or home-defense environment. Modeled after the M4/AR-15 rifle, this tactical shotgun features a precision-machined flat-top Picatinny rail on the top receiver for versatile optics and sight-mounting options. Shipped from the factory with 1919-style 5-round magazines, the Black Aces Bullpup shotgun is compatible with a variety of high-capacity factory and aftermarket 12-gauge magazines and boasts a 3” chamber, designed to accept any 2.75” or 3” birdshot or Magnum load for maximum versatility. The aluminum top receiver and polymer lower receiver deliver unparalleled reliability in a lightweight package for improved reliability, and the smooth bore barrels come equipped with a traditional screw-on choke system for enhanced accuracy and reliability in any tactical or target environment. The ambidextrous charging handle and magazine release offer quick loading, clearing, and chamber checks with both right- and left-handed shooters, while AR-style fire controls offer familiar field service and exceptional reliability with most new and experienced shooters. To top it off, this tactical shotgun boasts a unique bullpup stock design, engineered to deliver the same comfort and control of a full-size shotgun in a compact and easy-to-maneuver package.

What is a “Bullpup” Stock Design?
Bullpup stocks are a modern firearm configuration, in which the action is located behind the trigger group and alongside the shooter’s face, drastically reducing the overall size of the firearm for improved maneuverability in tactical shooting applications. Due to their compact and lightweight profile, Bullpup firearms are great for beginners and experienced shooters alike.

Though the bullpup concept was first introduced in 1901 with the British Thorneycroft carbine, it was not until the 1950s - 1960s that the design truly took shape and became more widely used. In 1977, the Austrian Army became the first military force in the world to adopt a bullpup rifle, the Steyr® AUG, as a principal combat weapon. Since then, militaries around the world have adopted other bullpup designs, including the world-renowned Israeli IWI® Tavor and the Black Aces tactical shotgun.

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