Kimber 1911 9mm Stainless Steel 9-round Magazine


Kimber 1911 9mm Stainless Steel 9-round Magazine


SKU: 1100307A


  • 9-round 

  • 9mm 

  • Full Sze 

  • Stainless Steel

  • For Kimber Custom & Pro models



This is a factory 9mm 9-round magazine for Kimber/mil-spec 1911 pistols.

The legacy of John Browning’s epic 1911 lives on with Kimber’s All-American pistols, providing rugged mil-spec reliability at a price that’s hard to beat.

Built from durable stainless steel, polished to a natural shine and pre-drilled for your choice of base pads, these factory magazines give you 9 rounds of 9mm. Factory magazines are manufactured using the same materials and standards as the mags that came with your gun, guaranteeing ideal fit and function.

Grab a few spare magazines today to save on reloading time at the range or to rotate your loaded magazines on a regular basis.