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Bulgarian Makarov 9x18mm 8-Round Factory Magazine

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Bulgarian Makarov 9x18mm 8-Round Factory Magazine


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Capacity: 8-Round
Material: Steel
  • New production
  • Factory magazine


This is a factory Bulgarian Makarov blued steel 8-round magazine for the Makarov semi-automatic pistol. Will fit all Russian, Chinese and German 9x18mm pistols.

Built from durable steel with steel internal springs, polymer followers and impact-resistant polymer baseplates, these factory Bulgarian magazines are built to military specifications for long-lasting use in all 9x18 Makarov pistols.

The iconic standard-issue sidearm for Russian military & police forces for more than 65 years now, the Makarov is a simple, reliable, and rugged.

Combining manageable recoil with slim design and solid stopping power, the Makarov has been getting the job done since shortly after World War II, and it remains a classic for collectors and civilian shooters.

These magazines are new in package and have been reported to work especially well with East German/PM Makarov pistols. These magazines can be hard to find new (especially at prices like these) so stock up while you can!