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UTAS Defense

UTAS Defense


UTAS Defense: Award-Winning Innovation & Design


Leading the industry with 3-D CAD development & design, UTAS’ revolutionary designs have won numerous awards—including the “Gun of the Year” award from NRA’s American Rifle magazine for two consecutive years.

Hailing from Turkey and utilizing a unique, team-oriented design process, UTAS incorporates the efforts of designers, engineers and manufacturers. As a result, they’re able to deliver radical new designs like the UTS-15; the world’s first production shotgun with a fully polymer receiver, and the XTR-12l a true AR-style semi-automatic shotgun.

Combining lightweight materials with solid engineering and radical design, UTAS develops exciting new firearms and accessories that pack a serious punch while serving a dedicated purpose.

On top of all that, UTAS is known for impressive warranty service—so you can buy with confidence. They have extensive certification and a dedication to superior quality that extends well past the point of sale.

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