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Founded in 2013, TriggerTech is a Canadian-based manufacturer of premium rifle trigger systems and trigger components for various firearm and archery platforms, including AR-15, AR-10, AR-9 and crossbow systems. TriggerTech launched their now-famous FRT® frictionless triggers in 2014 and remains the only provider of quality frictionless triggers. The departure from sliding friction offers incredible precision performance and eliminates creep and overtravel while maximizing safety and customizability. TriggerTech only offers performance triggers in which you can place your trust. Backed by TriggerTech's lifetime warranty, TriggerTech trigger systems continue to earn positive marks and remain highly sought after by competitive shooters and tactical operators across the globe.

At GunMag Warehouse, we offer the best selection of trigger systems and quality gun parts at low, budget-friendly prices anyone can afford. Browse our full collection of TriggerTech trigger systems today and enjoy superior performance and unparalleled quality without breaking the bank!

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