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Talon Grips

Talon Grips

Founded in 2009, TALON® Grips was born out of necessity. Both hot and cold conditions can make polymer grips slick, and factory stippling does little if anything to help. For years, skateboard tape was a popular solution to this problem, however, it still had its drawbacks as it's designed to go on wood and doesn't conform well to the handle of a polymer firearm. It eventually peels off leaving a sticky mess behind. TALON Grips are different. They utilize a patented, single-grip design that wraps around your firearm's grip and provides maximum coverage while adding minimal bulk. These grips are 100% Made in the USA and designed to stick to polymer, last longer, and come off clean when you’re ready to replace or remove them.

At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a wide selection of TALON Grips at budget-friendly prices for a more enjoyable and affordable shooting experience. Shop our full collection of grips, handgun frame parts, and other shooting accessories today!

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