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RS Regulate

RS Regulate

RS Regulate started with an AK and an ACOG. RS Regulate’s founder Scot wanted to mount an ACOG to his Bulgarian kit-built AK carbine chambered in 5.45x39mm but there weren’t any mounts available at the time to do this. An engineer by trade, Scot took matters into his own hands and designed a custom mount himself that had a suitable cheekweld and sat the scope precisely centered over his rifle’s bore.

When Scot attempted to attach his invention to a friend’s Romanian SAR 2 AK-74 pattern gun, it did not work and didn’t sit the scope directly over the bore like it did on Scot’s rifle. Every country’s AK designs are slightly different so what works perfectly for one wouldn’t necessarily work for another. The solution was found in a two-piece mounting system. The lower piece would attach to the rifle's side rail while the upper piece would be adjustable and connect to the lower and hold the optic.

Since the first RS Regulate mounts, the design has been refined to create the best and lightest mount possible for AK pattern rifles. In 2012, RS Regulate introduced the first models of their AK-300 Modular Side Mount system which features six fully modular uppers, and nine different lowers which include a rear-biased, front-biased, and a full-length lower for most Eastern European AK side rails, a front biased and full-length lower for Yugo/Serbian rifles, PSL and Romanian M10/RH10 rifles, a Century Arms proprietary side rail, and a rear-biased lower for Czech vz. 58s.

Throughout RS Regulate’s lifetime, the company has kept one principle in mind and that is to “change nothing, utilize everything.” The goal is to provide a mount that works with the AK’s design without having to replace essential parts of it and potentially affect the firearm’s combat effectiveness. RS Regulate breaths new life into a proven, age-old design with their mounts to help you get the most out of your AK-pattern rifle.

At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a variety of RS Regulate optic mounts, hand guards, and accessory mounts perfect for any budget. Shop our full selection today!

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