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Mantis X

Mantis X

Owned and operated by experienced shooters and engineers who wanted to view objective data to improve shooting techniques; to analyze what the human eye can’t see; to improve muscle memory; and to deliver consistent performance, Mantis® is the leading manufacturer of firearms laser training systems. Compatible with any rail-equipped handgun, the MantisX training system uses built-in Bluetooth® technology to analyze and transmit live fire, dry fire, airsoft, and CO2 performance statistics, and convert them into easy-to-read infographics in the proprietary Mantis smartphone app, allowing users to evaluate individual performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time.

Due to the versatility and superior reliability of the MantisX training system, it has become a trusted and world-renowned training system, utilized by civilian shooters, law enforcement agencies, and military personnel worldwide for firearms training and improvement. Today, Mantis offers guided drills and real-time feedback through the Mantis Laser Academy, and continues to develop and improve new laser technologies for future shooters, including archery enthusiasts (all-new Mantis X8 training system).  

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