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L.W. Seecamp Co.

L.W. Seecamp Co.

Made famous by their LWS 25, LWS 32, and LWS 380 pistols, L.W. Seecamp Co was founded in 1973 as a family business specializing in Ludwig's Seecamp's patented double-action conversion of the venerable 1911 semi-auto pistol, initially designed during a period when the single-action versus double-action controversy was at its peak.

In 1979 Seecamp Co. introduced as part of its gunsmithing package the telescoping recoil system that has become the predominant spring system used by modern short-slide short-recoil autoloaders. In the September/October 1979 issue of American Handgunner in an article entitled "The Rolls Royce of Bobcat .45's," Mason Williams said, "This is such a major development in the field of automatic pistols that it could easily be considered the most significant development in a hundred years in the field." While the patent was still active, the system was used by Glock®, Colt®, Kahr®, Cylinder and Slide, Para-Ordnance, and Lasermax®. After the expiration of the patent in 1998, other manufacturers such as Kimber, Taurus, IM Metal, Springfield Armory, etc., quickly adopted the system.

Today, L.W. Seecamp Co is credited with a variety of technological breakthroughs still used by a variety of premier firearms producers worldwide. At GunMag Warehouse, we carry a variety of L.W. Seecamp factory parts and accessories, offered at prices anyone can afford. Shop our full collection today and enjoy incredible quality at a low, budget-friendly price anyone can afford.

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