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KCI Magazines

KCI Magazines

Founded in South Korea in 1984, KCI® Magazines is the leading manufacturer of aftermarket pistol, rifle, and shotgun magazines, engineered to deliver factory-like performance at budget-friendly prices. Designed and manufactured in South Korea and Las Vegas, Nevada, KCI Magazines offers faithful clones of some of the most iconic magazines in the world, including steel-lined Glock®-pattern mags, AK-47/AK-74 centerfire rifle mags, Beretta® clones, and more. KCI rifle magazines typically feature traditional steel construction with steel spring internals and mil-spec style design, while their Glock-pattern magazines are well regarded among competitive shooters for their reliability and affordability, allowing you to stock up without breaking the bank. Plus, quality is never in question, thanks to the limited lifetime warranty that backs all KCI magazines.

KCI magazines are widely regarded to be great workhorse mags for heavy-use situations. With such an affordable price and reliable warranty, you can subject them to even the most extreme environments without concern. With everything from high-capacity Glock magazines to AR-15 drums, Glock drums, "Tanker" mags, and 40-round steel AK mags, KCI produces a little bit of something for everyone; all at prices that are tough to beat. Shop our full collection of KCI magazines today and enjoy reliable firepower without breaking the bank!

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