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Bianchi Leather

Bianchi Leather

Founded in 1958 by John Bianchi — full-time police officer in Southern California — Bianchi Leather is a leading provider of quality, hand-crafted holsters for law enforcement personnel and civilian shooters alike. Throughout the 50s and 60s, Bianchi focused on designing and manufacturing holsters that far exceeded the requirements of the law enforcement and military markets, becoming a globally-recognized brand synonymous with quality, reliability, and affordability. Revolutionary holster innovations include the widely used thumb snap feature, the Model 27 “Break Front” holster featuring security and allowing a rapid draw, and the innovative Model X15® Shoulder Holster. The popularity of the X15® set the stage for Bianchi’s innovation in concealed carry design, which the company developed into the broadest line of truly innovative, concealment holsters available. Half a century later, the Bianchi hallmarks of handcrafted workmanship, innovative yet functional design, and exceptional quality are as strong today as they were decades ago. From everyday carry to law enforcement, ranchers to fishermen, and hikers to hunters, Bianchi holsters and handcrafted leather accessories are trusted by those who desire to live life protected.

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