SHOT Show 24: Benelli Advanced Impact Shotguns

For SHOT Show 2024, the shotgun game has been upped yet again with the introduction of Benelli Advanced Impact technology. Benelli’s new technology is said to deliver shots downrange faster, harder, and with a better pellet configuration compared to traditional shotgun designs.

The barrel bore ballistic contours are key to the new technology. Coupled with the new Benelli Advanced Impact Crio chokes, the shotguns have enhanced shot column velocity and energy. The performance of shotguns with Advanced Impact technology shines even more the further the round gets from the end of the muzzle.

Benelli Advanced Impact Shotguns
Benelli has announced the release of three new shotguns featuring their new Advanced Impact technology. The new technology, along with the new Crio chokes, provide more energy and tighter pattern groups for shooters. [Photo credit: Benelli USA]
In testing, Advanced Impact (A.I.) technology showed a 4% velocity and 6% energy increase one meter from the muzzle compared to standard shotguns. After 60 meters, velocity increased 42% and energy was up by 77% with A.I. models. Based on test results, the terminal performance of rounds from A.I. shotguns is a game-changer for hunters and sport shooters.

Benelli Advanced Impact Models

The new technology is available in three different Performance Shop ETHOS models from Benelli: the ETHOS Supersport A.I., ETHOS Sport A.I., and ETHOS Cordoba A.I. B.E.S.T. These shotguns combine A.I. technology barrels with Benelli’s A.I. Crio chokes for a tighter, more uniform shot pattern. This means more pellets on target with greater force and better penetration.

ETHOS Supershot A.I.

The ETHOS Supershot A.I. features a 30-inch barrel with 2 ¾ and 3-inch chamber with a nickel-plated receiver. The shotgun also has a carbon-fiber finish and red anodized Briley bolt handle, bolt release, and weighted forend cap. The Supershot A.I. has Benelli’s Combtech and Comfortech stock systems along with Benelli’s Inertia Driven system.

ETHOS Sport A.I.

The ETHOS Sport A.I. sports classic wood furniture in a AA-grade satin walnut stock and forend. This shotgun has a nickel-plated receiver and gloss blued 30-inch barrel with 2 ¾ and 3-inch chamber. The Sport A.I. features Briley red color-coated choke tubes and Benelli’s Progressive Comfort stock.

ETHOS Cordoba A.I. B.E.S.T.

The ETHOS Cordoba A.I. B.E.S.T model is perfect for both competition and hunting. With the Benelli Surface Treatment (B.E.S.T.) barrel finish, the 28-inch barrel is ready for any condition. It has a 2 ¾ and 3-inch 12-gauge chamber along with the anodized receiver. In addition, this shotgun features the upgraded Briley black color-coated choke tubes and Inertia Driven system.

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