Coming Soon from Bear Creek Arsenal: The Grizzly Pistol

Bear Creek Arsenal has announced its newest product coming soon to the company’s portfolio: the Grizzly pistol chambered in 9mm Luger. According to the announcement, the Grizzly is a full-size polymer duty handgun with upgraded offerings at an unmatched price point.

Bear Creek Arsenal’s Grizzly has the best materials and the company’s handgun technology to date. With a perfect balance of weight, the pistol offers end users the most power with less recoil and muzzle flip for faster and more accurate follow-up shots. The pistol has an optics-ready slide with an RMR cut in addition to the Black Nitride window slide cuts.

Bear Creek Arsenal Grizzly 9mm pistol
Bear Creek Arsenal announced a new pistol coming soon to the market with the Grizzly pistol. This 9mm polymer pistol features an optics-ready slide with RMR cuts, night sights, Grizzly-inspired grip stippling, and two 17-round magazines. [Photo: Bear Creek Arsenal]
The slide also features photo-luminescent night sights, making the pistol ideal for low-light shooting with easy target acquisition. Inside the slide, the user has a choice of either a 416R Stainless Steel or a 4150 Chrome Moly with a Black Nitride barrel. If those two choices aren’t up to snuff for the end user, the barrel can be swapped out for a titanium nitride barrel or even a threaded barrel for easy use with a suppressor or installation of a compensator, all of which can be acquired from BCA.

Taking its design cues from the pistol’s namesake, the Grizzly features “perfect ergonomics” with the grip showcasing the bear fur stippling design. The 20-degree grip offers a perfect grip for control with texturing on the front and thumb support for an extra boost in hand feel. The frame also features an M1913 Picatinny rail for the end user to quickly attach accessories like lights or lasers.

Rounding out the features of the coming-soon Grizzly is an ambidextrous magazine release and two 17-round magazines. The pistol is compatible with a whole host of aftermarket parts and accessories, even holsters. There is no word on the exact pricing for the Bear Creek Arsenal Grizzly, and the company has a sneak peek of the Grizzly on its Facebook page.

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