Bear Creek Arsenal Releases New 201 Carbine in .22LR

Bear Creek Arsenal has announced its newest rifle: the 201 rifle chambered in .22LR. The new 201 is a semi-automatic rifle and is one of the most popular designs with a good mix of innovative technology for features and customizable options, according to the company.

Featuring a 416R stainless steel match-grade barrel and a 7076 T6 aluminum billet receiver, the 201 from Bear Creek offers an ergonomic design with durability to stand up to heavy use. The heavy profile barrel is 16 inches long with a .920” diameter and features an 11-degree target crown, along with options for fluting, varying lengths, coatings, and threading, according to the company’s release. Additionally, the 201 rifle utilizes an enhanced firing pin and high-performance bolt for better accuracy and increased durability.

Bear Creek Arsenal 201 .22lr carbine
Bear Creek Arsenal has announced its newest weapon: the 201 rifle. The 201 is chambered in .22LR and features a 16″ barrel, integrated Picatinny rail, and flush-mounted 10-round magazine. It is compatible with many aftermarket items (like barrels, stocks, and triggers) so the possibilities are endless with the 201. [Photo credit: BCA]
As for customization, the aluminum receiver features an integrated Picatinny rail for fast and easy scope mounting on the weapon for a start. The 201 rifle also has a crisp and smooth trigger which is paired with a side charging patented enhanced charting handle for fast reloading. The receiver sits in an over-molded Hogue stock with an ergonomic design and integrated sling mounts. With a detachable flush-mounted rotary 10-round magazine from the factory, it employs a unique rotor to separate cartridges and provide a more reliable feeding.

Patterned after the renowned Ruger 10/22 rifle, the Bear Creek Arsenal 201 .22LR carbine comes in the familiar platform, making it easy to swap and add accessories as wanted or needed. The 201 rifle is said to be compatible with a whole host of aftermarket items, like triggers, stocks, and barrels, just to name a few. The rifle gives the user the ultimate rimfire experience, regardless of skill level, and can be used for target practice, plinking, or even small game hunting. With a good mix of classic features with modern touches, the 201 from BCA weighs in at just 6.5 pounds when unloaded.

The .22LR 201 carbine from Bear Creek Arsenal is available now and has a price tag of just $345.

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