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.32 Auto ACP Ammo

Designed in 1899 by John Browning, the .32 ACP is a semi-rimmed centerfire pistol cartridge, originally engineered for use in blowback semi-auto pistols, including the Colt® Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless, the Savage® Model 1907 automatic pistol, and the Browning® Model 1910 automatic pistol. Along with dependable accuracy, the .32 ACP cartridge offers manageable recoil and lightweight carry thanks to its small .3125” bullet and overall length of less than 1”. Today, the .32 ACP cartridge is popular among target and defensive shooters across the United States due to the variety of reliable concealed carry pistols released in .32 ACP chamberings, such as the Kel-Tec® P-32, Beretta® Tomcat, and more.

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