Streamlight’s New Vault: The SpeedLocker

Streamlight, a company perhaps known best for providing a myriad of lighting options, has announced a new product, the SpeedLocker, which is decidedly not a lighting source. The Speedlocker is a portable storage container that has a non-electric, secure keypad locking system. The patented keypad allows for one-handed, fast access to whatever valuable items are stored inside without the need for batteries or other power sources.

The Streamlight SpeedLocker’s outside is a rugged hard shell constructed from a high-impact polymer, with a convenient, folding carry handle. The inside foam inserts help keep the contents secure and protected. The internal dimensions are such (8”x 7.1”) that a variety of items can fit inside, including many different compact firearm models. Weighing in at 2.6 pounds without contents inside, the locker provides a water-resistant housing and features mounting holes to secure it to rigid surfaces like a toolbox or vehicle center console.

Streamlight SpeedLocker mobile vault
Streamlight announced a new product, one that isn’t a light, the SpeedLocker. This mobile vault is lightweight, around 2.5 pounds, and has a non-electric keypad for access. [Photo credit: Streamlight]
Streamlight developed this portable storage container to help ensure that customers’ personal items are protected and out of reach from unauthorized persons, while still providing fast, one-handed access,” said Michael F. Dineen, Streamlight’s Chief Revenue Officer. “It securely stores personal items, such as a wallet, car keys, travel documents, or compact pistols.”

The SpeedLocker comes with a non-electric keypad in addition to the padlock and key. The keypad allows for 31 different user-set lock combinations, and comes with an Allen key to change the combination. With the supplied padlock, the locker is air-travel suitable and has a front nameplate that can be personalized to aid in owner identification.

Streamlight SpeedLocker seen open with items inside
The SpeedLocker is a lightweight high-impact polymer and water-resistant locker. With a padded interior, it has enough room to hold almost any compact pistol. [Photo credit: Streamlight]
The Streamlight SpeedLocker comes from the factory with all those necessary items — the padlock with key and Allen key — and a lifetime warranty. The SpeedLocker comes in only black and has an MSRP of $165.00.

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