New: B&T USA 5.7x28mm Suppressor Kit

If any handgun cartridge has seen significant growth lately, it’s 5.7x28mm. For those who are fans of the cartridge—and of FN America’s Five-seveN handgun—there’s a new silencing option available. B&T USA has launched a new product, the Five-SeveN Suppressor and Barrel Kit. The kit includes both the barrel and suppressor and is specifically made for FN’s Five-SeveN handgun.

The B&T USA Five-Seven Suppressor is now available from Arms Unlimited as part of a kit.
The B&T USA Five-Seven Suppressor is now available from Arms Unlimited as part of a kit. (Photo credit: B&T USA)

Jon Scott, Vice President of Sales at B&T USA, had the following to say regarding the company’s newest offering: “With the recent resurgence in popularity of the 5.7x28mm cartridge, we’re excited to introduce B&T’s sound suppressor and barrel kit designed specifically to work with FN America’s Five-seveN handgun. In order to make this project work, and uphold the quality B&T is known for, we partnered with Jarvis Inc. who custom made a high-quality, match-grade, 10x1mm threaded barrel to our specific specifications. This barrel and suppressor combination matches the look, feel and reliability of FN America’s Five-seveN pistol, while extracting all the performance potential out of the gun and cartridge — all in a package that’s a whole lot quieter.”

FN 5.7x28mm ammo
B&T USA’s newest suppressor kit is made for the 5.7x28mm. (Photo credit: FN)

This B&T USA thread-on suppressor is made for specific use with the FN Five-seveN Pistol. According to the manufacturer, they are the OEM suppressor manufacture FN prefers in Europe.

Check out the video below for another look at the suppressor:


B&T’s suppressors have a reputation among many industry professionals for being high-quality and technologically advanced. They’re designed to be rugged enough to withstand rough environmental conditions and high rates of fire. Durability and longevity are vital for suppressors. When you’re choosing a suppressor for your handgun, quality matters, and B&T strives to design and manufacture products that stand the test of hard use.

The B&T USA Threaded Barrel for the FN Five-seveN 5.7x28mm
The B&T USA Threaded Barrel for the FN Five-seveN. (Photo credit: Arms Unlimited)

The B&T threaded barrel is designed for use with the Five-seveN model suppressor. It’s manufactured using gun barrel certified chrome moly steel that’s been heat-treated to 40-44RC. The combination of the steel and heat treatment process is meant to give the barrel superior strength and durability. Having the barrel available as part of a suppressor kit means you don’t have to search for the right barrel to go with your new can; B&T USA did the work for you.

The B&T USA threaded barrel is made for the FN Five-seveN 5.7x28mm
The B&T USA threaded barrel is made for the FN Five-seveN. (Photo credit: Arms Unlimited)



  • Manufacturer: B&T USA
  • Caliber: 5.7x28mm
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Diameter: 1.4 inches
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Attachment: 10x1mm Right Hand


  • Manufacturer: B&T USA
  • Fits: All Five-seveN models (MK2, USG, or IOM)
  • Thread Pitch: 10x1mm Right Hand
  • Thread Protector: Included
  • Recoil Spring: Factory standard weight
  • Twist: 1/9
  • Rifling: Conventional, button rifled
  • Material: 4140 Gun Barrel Certified Steel
  • Hardness: 40-44 HRC
  • Crown: Recessed 60-degree crown

B&T USA Five-seveN Suppressor Kit MSRP is unknown at this time. The kit is available exclusively through Arms Unlimited.

Kat Ainsworth Stevens is a long-time outdoor writer, official OGC (Original Gun Cognoscenti), and author of Handgun Hunting: a Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Using the Right Firearms for Big and Small Game. Der Teufel Katze has written for a number of industry publications (print and online) and edited some of the others, so chances are you've seen or read her work before, somewhere. A woman of eclectic background and habits, Kat has been carrying concealed for over two decades, used to be a farrier, and worked for a long time in emergency veterinary medicine. She prefers big bores, enjoys K9 Search & Rescue, and has a Master's Degree in Pitiless Snarkastic Delivery.

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