FN Expands 5.7x28mm Ammunition Line

FN America, the creator of the original 5.7×28 cartridge, has announced the expansion of the 5.7 ammunition line to include two new options. One of these two new options is geared toward personal defense, and the other is geared toward training and range use. With the addition of the two new rounds, FN now has four 5.7x28mm loads available to the US market.

FN 5.7 ammunition DFNS load
FN America has announced two new 5.7×28 loads. The DFNS load seen above is a 30-grain jacketed hollow point bullet. [Photo credit: FN America]
“Since the NATO standardization of 5.7x28mm, there has been tremendous growth in the category, and we recognized the need for reliable defensive ammunition and affordable ball ammunition for training, which is why we’re pleased to introduce the FN DFNS personal protection and FN GUNR training loads,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales for FN America, LLC. “FN has spent many years perfecting the design and manufacturing process for 5.7x28mm ammunition to ensure that no matter which FN 5.7 cartridge you load, it will function reliably and deliver the superior accuracy that 5.7 is known for. Our customers and 5.7 enthusiasts alike can depend on FN DFNS and GUNR to deliver equally against that promise.”

The DFNS (SS200) load is the first 5.7 round to be designed and perfected for personal protection, according to FN America. This round offers safe and reliable performing ammunition comprising of a 30-grain jacketed hollow point projectile and a copper-tin powdered core. This design allows the round to expend energy quickly and efficiently while still cycling the firearm reliably. Additionally, this round has been certified by an independent tester to meet the FBI’s ammunition testing protocol for a high-performing round with accuracy and consistent expansion.

FN American 5.7x28 GUNR ammunition
FN’s other new 5.7×28 ammunition is the GUNR load. This load features a 40-grain full metal jacket round with high-quality brass and primers. [Photo credit: FN America]
The other new round, the FN GUNR (SS201), is a 5.7×28 training round. Consisting of a 40-grain full metal jacketed cartridge, this round has a high-quality brass and primer to deliver an average of 1,870 fps. The round offers reduced recoil, drastically improving accuracy while reliably cycling any 5.7-chambered weapon. According to FN, the GUNR round is comparable in performance to FN’s other sporting loads and helps owners achieve better training, regardless of weapon type.

These two new loads of 5.7 ammunition are available in 50-round individual boxes or a 500-round bulk case. The DFNS round 50-round box has an MSRP of $39.99, while the GUNR load has an MSPR of $26.99 per 50-round box.


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