The MPOETC Shotgun Qual – The Best One Yet?

Want to test your shotgun skills? The MPOETC shotgun qual is one way to test your mettle. Let's load up that scattergun and go.

New Jersey Police Subgun Qual — It’s a Jersey Thing

All Trav knows about New Jersey is that it's the Garden State, the Sopranos was filmed there, and that their LEOs have a great subgun qual.

Larry Vickers 5-10-15 Drill — Handgun Fundamentals

You don't have anything without the proper fundamentals. This is a "meat and potatoes" handgun fundamentals drill with Larry Vickers.

The DOE Shotgun Qual — Scattergun Joy

The Department of Energy is home to an unlikely armed force. Today we are trying out the DOE Shotgun Qual. Give it a try!

Handgun Accuracy: How to Make it a Choice | Handgun Vitals

Want to improve your concealed carry and defensive shooting abilities? Watch this video and learn how to make handgun accuracy a choice.

The FBI Handgun Qual — Shoot Like a FedBoi

Today we try our hand at playing Fedboi with the FBI handgun qual. It's simple, but far from easy. Luckily it's light on ammo.

Jerry Miculek: Drawing Your Appendix Carry EDC

Jerry Miculek addresses the importance of dry practice with your appendix carry EDC, and offers some tips on how to do it correctly.

Larry Vickers — Time Standard Drill

Could setting a time standard can help your performance in the drills you run? Larry Vickers shows us how to do it.

Trigger Time: AR Reload Techniques with Mike Green and Nate Stokes

So why do we need to look at how to put magazines into an AR system? I mean, seriously, how many ways are there to jam a magazine into an AR-15? And we all know exactly how to reload the best way, don’t we? Personally, I like to look at lots of videos and listen […]

The Marine Corps SOTG M4 Qual – Get MEU Ready

Ever wanted to shoot like a Marine without the need for a 500-yard range? Here you go. 50 rounds, 50 yards, and that's about it with the SOTG M4 Qual.

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