XS Sights’ New R3D 2.0 and Minimalist Night Sights

XS Sights has expanded its sight offerings with the new second generation R3D 2.0 and Minimalist tritium night sights, in addition to expanding their compatibility. The new R3D 2.0 and Minimalist sights are available in both standard and suppressor-height configurations for select Sig Sauer, Springfield Armory, and FN pistols.

R3D 2.0

The R3D 2.0 sights are an improvement over the original night sight design and are said to be brighter, stronger, and easier to install. According to XS Sights, the second-generation sights have bigger and brighter rear tritium dots providing the user with improved speed and accuracy regardless of the lighting conditions. The sights have a black nitride finish for durability and feature the EasyPress feature that reduces the need for filing, hammering, or use of force for installation by up to 50%.

XS Sights R3D 2.0 Sights
XS Sights has upgraded the R3D sights to the new R3D 2.0 Night Sights. With a larger front Glow Dot and two rear tritium dots, the updated design allows for faster indexing and better illumination from the dots. 

The rear tritium dots, along with the larger high-contrast dual-illuminated front sight, make target alignment easier and faster than with the original version. Additionally, the Glow front dot, either orange or green, is a self-luminous tritium vile that will glow in low or no-light conditions for up to 12 years. Surrounding the Glow Dot is XS’s proprietary photoluminescent dot material which absorbs light to further aid in luminosity in those no- to low-light environments. The combination of the two makes the front dot brighter than the rear dots which makes indexing faster.

Minimalist Night Sights

The other new sights are the Minimalist sights, offered in standard and suppressor-height options. The Minimalists have a self-illuminating tritium Glow Dot front with a serrated, anti-glare rear sight. As the name implies, the sights were designed to be minimalistic and drive focus for the shooter to the front sight as there is no tritium present in the rear.

XS Sights New Minimalist Night Sights
The other new sight available from XS Sights is the Minimalist Night Sight. This set features a front Glow Dot with a serrated rear blade to naturally draw the eye to the front. As with the other new set, it is available with either a Green or Orange front dot and in standard or suppressor height. [Photo credit: XS Sights]
As with other XS Sights, the Minimalist sights feature the self-luminous tritium vile that is surrounded by XS’s photoluminescent Glow Dot to absorb any ambient light in no- and low-light conditions. This allows the front dot to glow brightly and will naturally draw the eye to it against the blacked-out rear sight.


Both new models of sights have the option for Green or Orange front Glow Dots and are compatible with the following pistols:

  • Sig P320, P365, P225, P226, P228, SP2009, SP2340, X-Macro, X-Compact, P365XL.
  • Springfield Armory XD, XD-M, XD-S, MOD.2, XD-E, Hellcat.
  • FN 509.

All XS Sights Night sights have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The R3D 2.0 sights are $131.99 for the Standard and $142.99 for the Suppressor Height, while the Minimalist sights are $59.99 for the Standard and $69.99 for the Suppressor Height.

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