The Strike Industries Sig Sauer P320 Modular Chassis

Handguns are difficult to shoot well compared to a long gun. One primary reason is the lack of a buttstock or stabilization brace to act as a third point of contact to steady the firearm and control recoil. The braced pistol, for all its legal challenges at this time, gives you the advantage of controllability while retaining the relative compactness that makes handguns so popular. Strike Industries’ Alpha Series Modular Chassis is one interesting modification for the Sig Sauer P320 that turns that popular pistol into a handy carbine. Our own Jeremy Stone from GunMag Warehouse had a chance to field test the chassis.

Traditionally, braces were limited to complete pistols. The Strike Modular Chassis, instead, uses a folding brace and a rear modular backstrap and frame that replaces the typical polymer frame of the Sig P320. To use the brace, all that is required is to remove the trigger module and slide assembly from the existing pistol and mate it to the new frame. The setup is topped by a multi-optic mount that sits between the brace and the backstrap. The mount is compatible with C-More, Delta Point Pro, Docter, RMR, Shield, or Sig reflex sights. To complete the package, the Strike chassis comes with a rubber-padded charging handle that can be mounted on the left or right side of the reciprocating slide. The chassis is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum and comes in at a total overall weight of only 1 lb. 11 oz.

Strike Industries Modular Chassis

Jeremy’s used a stock P320 slide paired with a Silencer Co threaded barrel with a suppressor and a Surefire Scout TLR1 as a mounted flashlight. As with many of his range setups, Jeremy used a Holosun 509T holographic sight mounted on the optics plate. To push the limits of this cramped package, Jeremy added a magazine holder forward of the trigger guard. This required an extra Picatinny rail section in order to mount the flashlight securely.

The entire package, when folded, can be convincingly hidden under a generous jacket. When deployed, the SMC P320 is a handy and controllable PCC. But there are a few limitations to be aware of. The SB Tactical brace that is optional with the kit only folds to the left side. Strike’s proprietary brace can be folded to the left or the right. The braced P320 can also be problematic due to the cramped real estate around the pistol.

An optional magazine holder is a good idea to have more to hold onto with your non-firing hand. Without it, you will have to make do with a clamshell grip around the dust cover that might put your hand near the muzzle. You also must be wary of the reciprocating slide and charging handle that can whack your thumb if you try to take a traditional firing grip as you would if the pistol were not braced. It only took one smack for Jeremy to change his grip and carry on. Despite its drawbacks, the SMC kit is an interesting and useful accessory for turning an existing pistol part into a cool PCC.

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