The New Remington Tac 14

Remington Arms Company joined Mossberg and other companies by now offering a shotgun that isn’t actually a shotgun. The Remington Tac 14 is simply classified as a “firearm” — not as a shotgun under Federal law. As such it isn’t bound by the National Firearms Act’s 18” minimum barrel length on a shotgun. Yet, the firearm shoots 12 gauge shotgun shells.

Let me try to explain…

The National Firearms Act, or NFA for short, spells out a legal definition for all kinds of firearms. One of those firearms is a shotgun. Without getting bogged down in all of the specific measurements and requirements needed for legally defining a shotgun, let’s just say that the legislators left a huge hole in the law that allows for a gun to be manufactured without a shoulder stock, that fires shotgun shells but can have a barrel length that is less than 18”.

When a gun like the Tac-14 doesn’t fit any of the specific definitions, then it is simply considered a “firearm.” As such, it can be sold and transferred as a standard gun and without the need for additional tax stamps like a short barrel shotgun would need.

Remington is not the first company to bring something like this to market. Black Aces Tactical has been one of the more prominent manufacturers of this kind of firearm in recent years. More recently, Mossberg jumped in the game with its 590 Shockwave.

Remington Tac 14
Apparently sensing a move in the industry, Remington jumped into the game with the Tac-14.

To be fair, the Tac-14 doesn’t look to be a simple “me too” kind of product. Rather, it appears to be a solid firearm that merits your consideration if you find yourself wanting one of these firearms.

If you are familiar with Remington’s pump shotguns, the Tac-14 runs pretty much the same way — without a shoulder stock of course. It is a pump-action gun with a 14” barrel and a cylinder bore choke.

The fore-end is made by Magpul and has M-LOK attachment points should you wish to add a light or laser. With only a bead sight and no easy way to add a red dot, a laser might not be a bad idea for aiming purposes.

The tube magazine holds four rounds of 12 gauge, 2 ¾” shells. The grip is a Raptor model made by Shockwave Technologies. This is the same grip that Mossberg uses on its 590 Shockwave firearm.

According to Remington, the Tac-14 has a base price of $443.05. Local prices may be less expensive, of course.

Richard is a writer with a background in law enforcement and sports photography. In addition to his work in the firearms industry, he writes in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. More of his work can be found at GunsHolstersAndGear

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