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Olight i1r EOS: Keychain Light Keeper for Range Bags

Overall, Olight’s iR1 EOS mini flashlight is the finest micro flashlight I’ve ever used. It's bright, seemingly very durable, and the fact that I can charge the battery with my cars cigarette lighter while I drive to work means I’ll always have a decent light within arms reach.

The Paratrooper from Battle Arms Development

This Battle Arms Development SBR is not your typical AR 15, not least thanks to its superb aesthetics. Check out the Battle Arms Development Paratrooper.

Hunting with the 7.62×39

Is 7.62x39 hunting ammo a good option for you when you take the field? It certainly suits an AR rifle better than the .30-30 Win cartridge.

CMC Match Precision Barrels for 9mm Glock Pistols

<p>If you are looking for a match grade barrel upgrade, CMC Triggers is now offering barrels for your Glock 17, 19 and 34 pistols.</p>

SIG P365 : SIG SAUER’s New High-Capacity, Micro-Compact

<p>SIG SAUER announced a new compact 9mm pistol that it claims is the "ultimate concealed carry pistol." Is it? Let's take a look.</p>

Phoenix Weaponry’s New AR in .45-70 Auto

<p>Does shooting .45-70 from an AR excite you? Take a look at this new rifle from Phoenix Weaponry.</p>

SKO Shorty: Standard Manufacturing’s Compact Shotgun

<p>Standard Manufacturing is now selling the SKO Shorty - a shorter version of its main semi-automatic shotgun.</p>

The Saint Edge – Springfield Armory’s New Rifle

<p>Springfield Armory launches a new Saint AR-15 rifle with high end components. It's called the Edge.</p>

The Mag Fed Remington 870: A Practical Update to a Timeless Classic

Looking for the latest twist on an old classic? Remington Arms Company recently announced it would now offer versions of the 870 pump shotgun that feed from detachable box magazines. Now you can get an 870's reliability with more capacity.

Noveske’s Ghetto Blaster

<p>Noveske is throwing back to the 80s for the inspiration on this Honey Badger competitor.</p>

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