Richard is a writer with a background in law enforcement and sports photography. In addition to his work in the firearms industry, he writes in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. More of his work can be found at GunsHolstersAndGear

The American FAL

<p>The FAL may be considered a European weapon by many in the US, but it had a large impact in American than you might think.</p>

Rocking the FN SCAR 17

<p>Ever shot the SCAR 17? If not, you don't know what you are missing. This is possibly the best modern battle rifle.</p>

Secure Your Guns — Four Gun Storage and Safety Suggestions

<p>You have a right to keep and bear firearms, but you also have a responsibility to reasonably control them to prevent tradgedy. Here are a few ways to do just that.</p>

Sig Sauer SBX Gen2 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

<p>Sig Sauer's SBX Gen2 pistol brace is a big leap forward for shooting AR-style handguns one-handed. Designed by a veteran and made in the USA.</p>

SIG MPX Magazines: Compatibility Between Generations

<p>The SIG MPX is an amazing platform, but are first gen magazines compatible with second gen guns? What about new mags in the old firearms? I take a look at the compatibility issue as well as how to ID each magazine.</p>

New Optic Ready Pistol: The Walther PPQ Q4 TAC

Walther has a new 9mm pistol that is both optics- and suppressor-ready: the Walther PPQ Q4 TAC. Let's break it down.

What You Didn’t Know About Smith & Wesson’s M&P 45 Shield Magazines

<p>Earlier this year, Smith & Wesson made a move that pleased a lot of shooters: the company introduced the .45 ACP cartridge to the Shield line. One of the overlooked, yet most important, upgrades to the pistol was the improved magazines.</p>

Shooting the New Avidity Arms PD10

<p>Avidity Arms is getting very close to shipping its new PD10 pistol. Developed under the supervision of noted firearms trainer Rob Pincus, a working pre-production model was available for shooting at the 9<sup>th</sup> Annual Combat Focus Shooting Instructor’s Conference recently held in St. Augustine, FL.</p>

The New and Forgotten 360 Revolvers from Smith & Wesson

<p>Smith & Wesson announced a new Model 360 revolver. The new gun is similar to the original but with some significant changes.</p>

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