MTR Unveils New Holsters, and Leather Defense Tool


The phrase, “affordable, exotic leather” sounds like an oxymoron. If something is exotic, it is by definition, uncommon. Things that are uncommon tend to fetch a higher price than more ordinary items. But somehow, the craftsman up in North Carolina at MTR have managed to do just that.

Founded in 2009 by Matthew and Stephanie – a young couple with no experience in business but a love of quality leather – MTR Custom Leather produces amazingly well-done holsters from some of the toughest, most beautiful leather available.

At Big 3 East 2017, co-owner Stephanie showed off some of their more exotic holsters including a pink alligator IWB holster and a new solid-leather self defense tool. The latter is the newest edition to their product lineup, and since it contains not metallic or edged components is safe and legal to carry in locations where most self defense tools are prohibited.

 MTR leather knuckle duster - Peace Maker

Constructed of compressed, multi-layered cured leather, the new Peace Maker is rock solid with just enough give to prevent the user from injuring themselves. It functions like a knuckle duster or brass knuckles, providing smaller folks a more powerful punch in a pinch.

This is great news for defense-minded individuals who fly often, as the MTR defense tool won’t be flagged by TSA, and doubles as a stress ball and grip strengthener. The small defense tool retails for $20.

As for the new holsters, MTR is not offering holsters (as well as other leather goods) in frog leather and Manta Ray – both are incredibly durable, beautiful comfortable and available in dozens of colors.

MTR alligator leather Glock holster

Depending on the holster size, material and color, these range in price from $39 for a basic IWB holster to $125 for a 1911 paddle holster made of shark leather. What’s more, MTR now makes special holsters that accommodate pistols with lights, lasers or other accessories attached – make them truly custom-fitted to the shooter’s pistol of choice.

All these products are available now, and anything not on the site can be custom ordered through email or over the phone.