Magwell for Polymer80 PF940C & PF940v2 Frames [So it Slides in More Easily!]


In today’s news, we introduce the Strike Industries Magwell for Polymer80 PF940C and PF940v2 Frames. We’re told these frames make it easier to reload your magazine (insert dirty joke about making it easier to slide things inside of other things) and giving your pistol an SI styling.

The frames act almost like a funnel to the magwell, which is intended to prevent reload bobble, according to Strik Industries. They tell us it cuts fractions of seconds off your reload time, which could make a huge difference if we’re talking life-saving measures or during competitions.

Magwell for Polymer80 PF940C & PF940v2 Frames

The frame is built to go with the factory-designed pistol grip, which means it should remain comfortable, whether you’re carrying IWB or OWB.

Magwell for Polymer80 PF940C & PF940v2 Frames

According to Strike Industries, the Magwell for Polymer80 PF940C and PF940v2 Frames is compatible with most of the aftermarket magazine base plates and extensions, which includes the Strike Industries EMP. However, the Magwell is NOT compatible with the polymer80 PF940SC, PF9SS, PF940CL or SI Strike 80.

Magwell Polymer 80



  • Flared magwell for easier magazine Insertion
  • Ease of installation
  • Lightweight
  • High-strength Polymer
  • Perfect pairing with SI EMP

Compatible With: Polymer80 PF940C & PF940v2

Not Compatible With: Polymer80 PF940SC, PF9SS & PF940CL

Magwell polymer 80 kit

What’s Included

  • Magwell (1)
  • M4 Set Screw (1)
  • M4 Hex Key (1)

If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit Strike Industries directly.

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