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Sig Sauer Accomplishes Two Historical Milestones

As always, Sig Sauer is doing big things. This time around, they’ve achieved two historical milestones, in delivery and with the United States Military. Sig Delivers 200,000th MHS with Simultaneous Delivery First, Sig Sauer has delivered their 200,000th modular handgun system (MHS). And now they’ve just hit their first month delivering to all U.S. Military […]

32-Round Magazine for you AR-15? Coming Soon from Strike Industries

Have you heard about the new Strike Industries Magazine? It's a 32-round magazine for the AR platform—that’s two extra rounds! Yes, it’s a thing!

Springfield’s Hellcat OSP 9mm Wins the 2020 Best New Handgun Award

What’s so special about the Springfield Hellcat 9mm pistol? According to Springfield Armory, it's the world’s highest capacity micro-compact available.

CmmG 9mm PCC Line | Find the Right Magazine for your AR-Style Pistol

Can you tell us which one doesn’t fit in this group by merely looking at the video? Go ahead, push pause even? Can you tell they're all a CMMG 9mm?

Get your Ghillie Suit Out | PA Releases a New Long-Range Precision Optic

It’s hunting season! And we all know what that means. If you don’t have yourself a long-range precision optic, you might want to start looking.

Sore Thumbs? Maybe you Need an XTech Speedmag

Do you send a lot of pew-pew downrange? Does loading your AR-15 magazines hurt your weak little thumbs? Maybe you need the XTech Tactical Speedmag.

New Toy from SIG SAUER | SIG Custom Works P320 AXG Scorpion

Everyone loves new toys, especially those with upgrades. And Sig Sauer claims to have done it again with the all-new SIG Custom Works P320 AXG Scorpion.

Comp-Tac Red Dot Holsters | Blue Duty – No Light

No light, but still need a red dot holster, no problem! Comp-Tac has officially released a new version of its Blue Duty Holster.

Red Arrow Weapons Presents the RAW10 | AR-10 in a .308 Win

Red Arrow Weapons presents the Midnight Bronze Cerakote finis RAW10, an AR-10 in a .308 Win. A great option for everyday enthusiast to long-distance hunters.

Bushnell Finally Releases the RXS-250 Reflex Sight

The RXS-250 is classed as a high performing reflex slight with a MIL-STD-810F impact-resistant design, user-adjustable brightness settings, and True Tone coatings to help create a clear view free of color distortion.

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