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Davidson’s Exclusive Firearm | WCT Combat PPE Carbine

Forged upper and lower receivers, the PPE Carbine is based on the WC-15 platform. It's also chambered in a 5.56 NATO, with a 10.4" M-Lok rail, and has a Wilson Rogers Super Stock.

Beautifully Crafted Glock 43 | Engraved Pistol by Altamont

Davidson’s inc. has partnered with Altamont Company to produce a beautifully engraved pistol slide for the Glock 43, one worth adding to the collection.

Tiny Optics for Tiny Guns | Holosun Releases Red Dot Sights for Pocket-Pistols

You rarely see a compact red dot sight for a sub-compact pistol like you would with that full-size pistol. However, Holosun now offers two electronic sights that are small, rugged, reliable, and reasonably priced (according to them).

TENICOR Holster for Glock 43/43x and Glock 48 Railed MOS Models now Available

If you carry a Glock 43/43X or Glock 48, TENICOR now has holsters for these railed and non-railed MOS models, with AIWB, IWB, and OWB carry options.

TENICOR now has a Dedicated AIWB Holster for Surefire X300

Designed for the Staccato 2011 and compatible with most railed 2011s and 1911s, TENICOR now has a dedicated Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) holster for your Surefire X300—The MALUS SOL.

Don’t just take the shot, Record it | ATN X-Sight LTE Digital Scope Series

What if you could get a digital rifle scope that works great during the day, has a night vision mode, can record video when you make that shot of the year, is lightweight, has a low power consumption, and is easy to mount—would you be interested? Well, look no further because ATN claims they have […]

Strike Industries AR Modular Magazine Release | Who Knew Pressing Buttons Could Be So Much Fun!

If you’re in the market to build an AR or you need a replacement part, Strike Industries has announced their very own AR Modular Magazine Release (MMR).

ASA Election Day Raffle | Win a Maxim 9, Tax Stamp Included!

Here's a chance to win a Maxim 9, a DDM4 PDW Pistol, a Glock 44 .22LR pistol , or even a silencer? Geet your ticket & help the ASA expand suppressor rights.

Get Organized: EZ-Click MOLLE Panel System for your Pelican Case

Pelican Products, one of the major producers in protective cases, introduces the Pelican EZ-Click MOLLE Panel system. And just like its hosting Pelican case, it’s intended to survive those harsh conditions. With the use of exclusive swing-cam latches, the EZ-Click MOLLE Panel system was made for rapid mounting and removal. Even better, you don’t need any […]

Hard and Discreet | CmmG’s ‘Guitar Case’ for your Rifle

With the CMMG Savior, Discreet Ultimate Guitar Hard Case by CmmG you can carry your weapons without a bunch of people staring you down.

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