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Light the way, Charlie | Streamlight Releases the Stinger 2020

With 2,000 lumens and 24-hour run time, you’ll be looking into the souls of your enemy when holding the newly released Stinger 2020 by Streamlight. Okay, maybe it’s not that bright, but it does pack a lot of punch for such a small light. 

It’s Back! The Return of the Big Horn Armory AR 500 Auto Max

An AR 15 pistol frame is a pretty small package for 500 Auto Max cartridges, but that's precisely what the Big Horn Armory AR500 shoots. Take a look at the newest BHA release

Let Freedom Ring (Quietly) | American Suppressor Association’s Omega 36M Raffle

In our big stentorian voice, we present to you a chance to enter and win an Omega 36M with the American Suppressor Association (ASA), along with a lot of other cool prizes. In total, 15 different prize packs are being given out, and you could be the recipient! Not only are you taking a chance […]

Cobalt Kinetics Hands the Keys Over to BAQ Defense

Cobalt Kinetics, manufacturer of premium performance and precision engineered rifles, are now in the hands of BAQ Defence, as of July 1. BAQ Defense is a company that we’re told provides specialized training, products, and programs to non-profit entities that involve combating child sex trafficking. BAQ says they’ll be continuing to carry on their tradition of AR-style rifles and they’re planning to move forward with new projects like working on a series of prototypes in R&D that they claim will “dramatically enhance” the Cobalt Kinetics line up.

Need shot certainty on your hunt? Check out the Real Avid scope level

A scope level isn't an absolute requirement for precision shooting, but it surely does help. That's important, especially when shooting certainty is a must.

The Witch Doctor is in while The Dark Moon Rises | Adams Arms Announces VooDoo Innovations

VooDoo Innovations, known for enhanced pistol barrels, slides, coatings, and other premium parts, has released their first complete, direct-impingement firearms. And what better way to embrace 2020 than naming them The Witch Doctor and The Dark Moon? Although... we're not saying this is how they actually got their names.

Protected: Glock 17: 9mm OG (Original Glock) plastic/porcelain gun

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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