Bushnell Finally Releases the RXS-250 Reflex Sight

Bushnell has officially announced its release of the RXS-250 Reflex Sight – a new red dot designed with the intention of offering leading performance and exceptional durability.

Bushnell Reflex Sight RXS-250 feature diagram

“The Bushnell RXS250 has not ceased to amaze me.”

-KC Eusebio, Bushnell Team Member and World Champion Shooter.

RXS-250 Reflex Sight

The RXS-250 is classed as a high performing reflex slight with a MIL-STD-810F impact-resistant design, user-adjustable brightness settings, and True Tone coatings to help create a clear view free of color distortion.

RXS-250 Optics weight and measure

At the core of the new RXS-250 is a clear reflex sight that Bushnell claims is bright, containing an industry-leading battery life too. Which they say is an excellent option for any firearm.

Pistols, rifles, and shotguns, whatever the case, here’s a red dot that should work across all common red dot mounts containing a DeltaPoint footprint, according to the company.

“I make a living using these tools and this optic can do it all. I’ve trained, competed, hunted, and carried this red dot and it excels in all areas of marksmanship.”


The RXS-250 uses an LED to create a collimated beam. The result, again, according to Bushnell, is a clear, strong 4-MOA dot, capable of working at day-bright visibility, with no wasted energy.

Reflex Sight 4-MOA red dot

Bushnell also says this is an impact-resistant red dot because its cast aluminum housing—protects glass and electronic internal components. On top of that, the RXS-250 comes with an IP67 dust and waterproof rating. Apparently, it seals off the electronics, which allows the optic to be submerged without damage.

Bushnell RXS-250 Reflex Sight push button actuation

Reflex Sight Features

Features, like the Chamfered hood edges, help prevent snags on clothing and other environmental objects. Bushnell claims it’s the geometry of the hood and reflector lens design that provides a large field of view without sacrificing durability.

“It withstands a drop from 5 feet which makes it extremely durable. The optic also has easy adjustments for intensity, windage, and elevation, along with a top-load battery system for the rare occasion of changing your battery every five years!

“The RXS250 has glass with true tone clarity to help find your targets with ease, paired with a crisp clear 4 MOA dot, it’s perfect for your pistol, rifle, or shotguns needs.”


Reflex Sight Mount

  • 10 brightness settings
  • Detented windage/elevation adjustments with 1 MOA per click
  • Shrouded push-button design for brightness setting adjustments

“The RXS250 is the answer to many requests from red dot users.”

-Jessies Harrison, Bushnell Team member and Wold Title Holder

  • The new RXS-250 is fully multicoated with True Tone color
  • The coating system mitigates stray artifacts from secondary light sources
  • The RXS-250 is compatible with multiple factory optics-ready pistols and aftermarket suppressor height sights
  • Other items included with the red dot include basic mounting and adjustment

Bushnell Reflex Sight Accessories

“Its sturdy and durable design gives me the confidence that it can withstand any condition and its intensity adjustments can face any lighting condition.

“It transitions seamlessly from competitions, everyday carry, and in the field.  If you’re in search of a versatile optic to fit your lifestyle, then the RXS250 is your choice.”


MSRP: $249.99

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